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$1 Million Dollars to Advance Insect Research



The University of Illinois received a windfall from an unexpected source this month and is now going into the pesticide research business. A former Grad student of the University donated over one million dollars to the researchers to establish an insect research faculty. With funding on a perpetual decline since 2002, this former student has breathed new life into the Champaign facility.

Roy Barker spent his life studying insects. He had received his degree from the University in 1953. He passed away earlier this year, but he wanted to give something back. This funding will allow the University to recruit researchers in the field of entomological research and this is all owed to Roy’s dedication to advances in insect studies.

The funding doesn’t stop at research; some of the money is going to fund a program to educate people about insects all over the world. The animated videos will help to explain the threat that insects pose to crops and information such as how to make simple pesticides.

The scientists say that the added funding will help to make new advances in the field of pest control because of new found research flexibility. As we learn more about how the insects react to the chemicals already available, then we find out how they develop resistance and what  measures are needed to move forward.

Pest control has never been an exact science because insects are constantly adapting and evolving. What works today may not work in a few years. This is evident every time you go to the store and see the new and improved products on the shelves. For licensed professionals this will mean treatments that work better and last longer.

Pest control in Glendale is ready to serve all of your needs with the latest in ecologically approved treatments. As the University of Illinois moves forward with their research your local professionals are committed to keeping up with the latest advances.




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