Termites Squash Women’s Squash Courts: Pakistan



Karachi Municipal Corporation
Building at Night
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The only women’s sports complex in Pakistan has come under attack by termites. Although there are not a lot of women who belong to the center, only about 500, but it gives girls a place to practice. The two squash courts have wooden floors that are badly affected and the Karachi Municipal Corporation is being blamed for negligence.

In reality the KMC has their hands full with the other buildings that are threatened by termites and they have been fighting the insects for years. The biggest worry is the KMC library and it’s treasury of books and buildings that are protected because of their age and heritage status.

The director of the sports and recreation department says the squash court floors are devastated. He hopes that new floors will be cement instead of wood because termites have been a problem for years. One of the courts has been converted to a storage room because it is no longer suitable for use. The director said that he has contacted the Ministry of Science and Technology to eradicate the termites and an official has visited the Women’s Sports Complex.

The complex was developed fifteen years ago and is home to other sports facilities. It is believed that the KMC does not value the importance of the unique complex.

Termites are a big problem when they take hold of any public building because the termites will spread to other buildings nearby. It’s in their nature to eat any wood that is available and to provide the food necessary for the queen and her offspring as well as the soldiers. Termites don’t just go away. The queen keeps laying eggs and millions of termites can belong to the same colony before swarms develop new colonies. It’s a vicious cycle when the problem is ignored.

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