A Termite’s Diet is Not Restricted to Wood


Termites are known for a few things, eating wood structures is just one of the termites are known for. The problem is that termites don’t really care if what they’re eating is wood. They are partial to any cellulose based items that they can tear into. This includes more than structural damage to homes and other buildings.  Termites will eat books and boxes, any type of paper products including your paper grocery bags and old notebooks filled with college lectures. These insects are voracious eaters and that is why you must protect your home from them. Termites have one focus and that is propagating more colonies. Colonies need a steady supply of food and your only option in prevention is if you don’t give it to them.

So what are your options here? You could get rid of all of your books, notes, old record albums (yeah, these guys will eat the covers) and storage boxes; or you could find a great Termite Control Service. Termites in Gilbert are controlled by qualified contractors who know exactly what to look for and where to look. These termite control experts have spent years learning their trade so that they can help you hang on to those Beatle’s records and The House of Seven Gables. Termite control doesn’t have to be a scary prospect if you act before you have a problem, or before the problem becomes severe.

Most home owners go many years thinking that they don’t have a termite problem when these creatures have been eating away at their property for a very long time. It is because of the tragic consequences that the very words “Termite Inspection” can strike fear into the hearts of men. If you act before there’s a problem, then there won’t be a problem. Have your property inspected so you never have to fear those two words again.


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