Albino Echidna: Australian Wildlife Preserve:

New Haven for Ant and Termite Eater



A Rare Albino Echidna


The BBC reported today on an Albino Echidna that was relocated to an Australian Wildlife Preserve. The hope is that the rare animal will find a mate and live in safety.

The Echidna was found on the side of the road a couple of weeks ago and was rescued. The albino is very rare but looking at him after a his time in recovery, you’d never known how close “Casper” came to losing his life on a busy roadway.

His new home is far from traffic and after being release he immediately started digging with the large paws that are known to tear termite mounds and any hills to shreds. The tiny snout or beak and long sticky tongue are perfectly engineered for capturing and eating their prey. The Echidna has spines and fur and resembles a hedgehog or porcupine, but that’s where the similarities stop.

Echidnas lay eggs instead of giving live birth, which is rare among mammals. It is believed that the echidna and the platypus have a common ancestor. Only the echidna and the duck-billed platypus lay eggs. The echidna’s egg is carried in the mother’s pouch until it hatches. The baby is called a puggle and draws its milk from the mother’s pores because this mammal has no nipples. Once the puggle is old enough, the mother will dig a nursery in the ground for the baby. She will leave for days at a time and come back to feed her baby, finally weaning at around seven months.

Anteaters are common all over the world but none are quite like the echidnas of New Zealand and Australia. These solitary animals often live around sixteen years in the wild. They are one of nature’s perfect predators.

Termites are a problem in America because their perfect food is plentiful and their natural predators are few. To prevent termites in Scottsdale you need a professional service, although echidnas are cuter and much more fun to watch. Our climate isn’t suited for the anteaters from down under and besides, they’d make a real mess digging up the yard.



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