Bee Responsible:

Decline in Bees Spawns New Ideas



Bee Hive taken from Bush

Wild honey bees usually build their nests in a protected area that is close to a food source. Sometimes bees  get confused and end up in the city near a mall or a school. Bees are usually interested in flowering plants that they pollinate and carry nectar from. They go back to the hive and make honey for winter. Some bees get attracted to dumpsters because of weeds, and wild flowers. There are often areas that flower in the forgotten fields behind a mall or school; the bees may build in the wrong place.

No one really knows why bees would build a hive in a hedge or lamp post rather than a tree. The hiding place for their activity won’t stay hidden long and is open to the elements. People see the bees and become disturbed by their presence; they call an exterminator.

One pest control company in Spokane has taken responsibility for the dwindling bee population; instead of going out and exterminating the colony, they called Bill Romine.

Bill Romine is a local businessman with a twist; he raises sheep and fruit trees. He also keeps bees. Bill had noticed the declining bee population and contacted local pest control companies as well as the fire department. He asked that if any complaints came in, the calls would be turned over to him.

Bill runs a full featured yarn business and wool shop called “Paradise Fibers” and is affectionately referred to as “Ulee” after the character in the movie, “Ulee’s Gold.” He saves the Spokane wild bee colonies and adds the bees to his own home grown bunch. The bees pollinate his trees and he harvests the honey. It is a symbiotic relationship between a man and his bees.

Insects, as I often say, are only pests when they have made their home in or around ours. Bees, termites, cockroaches and ants have their purpose, just not in houses and sheds. When you have a problem with pests call your local termite control in Arizona; when you have a problem with bees, bee responsible. Consult your local professionals about getting a bee keeper to take the whole colony away. You never know, there may be a “Ulee” living near you.




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