Most often termites go undetected until extensive damage has been done. Often called the “silent destroyers,” they are able to destroy the inside of a home without its occupants even knowing. If you’re considering buying a house in Arizona it’s advised that you have a purchase agreement contingent on results found from various independent inspections.

Independent Inspections

These independent inspections are designed to disclose any unseen problems and/or dangers that are found within the home. While traditional home inspectors can be helpful, they are often not trained to recognize existing or potential termite damage.

Importance of Termite Inspection

Because of that it is a good idea to additionally have the structure inspected by an engineer. The engineer should investigate the structural details. The house should also be inspected by a licensed pest inspector – one particularly versed in termite damage. Often a mortgage lender will require a full structural report as well as termite inspection be completed before the finalization of a home purchase transaction. Typically buyers and sellers will enter into negotiations based on what the inspection results are. Based on the results the home seller may choose to negotiate on the cost while taking any repairs and future prevention into consideration. This typically happens if a report reveals there is extensive termite damage.

The Termite Inspection Report

For a termite inspection report, a pest control company will send out an inspector. Once at your house the inspector will evaluate all areas of the property where your house is exposed and where infestation could take place. Their investigation will take into account all crawlspaces and attic spaces. They will be on the lookout for signs of live or dead insects, parts of insects, as well as any other signs of termites that may exist. These other signs include shelter tubes, insect mazes, and exit holes. They will look for damage to wood and any other structural materials. The final inspection report should include any found evidence of previous treatment of termite infestations.

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