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Drywood termites are common to Arizona because they thrive in less humid conditions with lower humidity. Enlisting the help of a professional exterminator is your best step to handling this species of termite. But here are some tips for the treatment of dry wood termites. This could help to prevent infestations, or stop them in their tracks.

Have a Chemical Barrier Put Up

Chemical barriers can be a way of keeping termites from setting up colonies on your property. These barriers are when liquid or crystal chemicals that give off termite repelling fumes are installed around the home. The fumes are undetectable to humans and most pets. When this barrier treatment is used correctly they are a generally safe and effective way of preventing infestations.

Remove  Termite Food Sources Around Your Home

Consider moving any stored cut wood or lumber to an aluminum shed or area that can be sealed off and placed away from any wooden structures on your property. These large piles of wood can attract termites while also providing them with ample amounts of food. If termites find their way on to your property, it’s more likely they can and will make their way into your home.

Call a Professional

If you notice any signs of termites, or any signs of termite damage you should call your local pest professional. They can help you remove any infestations. Any sign of termites warrants a call – you might just be protecting your home from a very costly new neighbor.


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