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Arizona’s hot and dry landscape makes for a perfect environment for the Drywood termite. This breed of termites┬áthrive in conditions with less humidity. You’ll want to enlist the help of a professional termite exterminator who can identify what type of termite infestation you have and what treatment will be the best. But foresight is better than hindsight, so here are some things you can do beforehand to help stave off potential infestations.

Remove All Termite Food Sources

Move any lumber or cut wood that is around your house into a shed or other sealed away area. This wood provides a perfect home for the Drywood termite, so ensuring it is placed far away from your house will help protect you.

Identify and Seal Entry Points

If you seal up any entry points there’s no way for a termite to get in to destroy your home. Take a close look at entrances to basements and other damp and dark areas. These are very inviting habitats for termites looking for food sources.

Consider Bait Traps

Bait traps work as a first step to kill off young infestations. With these traps the termites carry the poison bait back to the colony, helping to kill off the colony. You’ll want to ensure the bait you use is safe around children and pets. A professional termite specialist can help you identify the best bait you should use.

Mesa Termite News

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