As we move into the colder months of the year, chances are you’ll be re-stocking your firewood pile. But while you’re making sure you won’t run out of literal fuel for your fireplace, you should also be making sure you aren’t building a nice home for termites.

Attractive Firewood

A stack of firewood on your front porch, or next to your property might seem cozy and comforting to neighbors and passersby, but it can also be a very attractive situation for termite. Termites, especially Drywood termites often found in the dry, arid climate of Arizona, love to make their homes in dead wood. To them, a fully stocked firewood pile is just the place to set up camp and stay for the winter months.

What to Do

It’s definitely necessary to stock up for winter – but make sure your wood pile is a good distance from your home. This way you can ensure that any termites that decide to make their homes in your wood pile do not also make their home in your house. You might also want to ensure that the wood is stored in a metal shed that has no wooden structural supports.

Burning Termite Infested Wood

It’s safe to burn termite infested wood – this won’t do anything to harm you – although it will harm the termite. Bringing the wood into your house as it is used will ensure that you’re not just moving a termite infestation into your home. Because of this, it’s not advised that you keep a small stack of firewood near your fireplace. Though it will add to the cozy-ness of your home, there is a chance that you’ll be inviting termites to cozy up along side you.


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