Good News for Pest Sufferers:

EPA Approves Bed Bug Control


Transport Mikron. Image courtesy of FMC Corporation.

There was a time when bed bugs were considered the problem of flop houses and low rate hotels or motels, but not anymore. Bed bugs have been increasing in numbers and spreading like wild fire from coast to coast and beyond. It’s funny because many of us grew up with the old childhood rhyme “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” We had no idea what a bed bug was, let alone what it meant to “sleep tight” but we said it because it was said to us; we were comforted by it when our parents said it.

Now we worry about the bed bugs that we never expected to have to worry about! So many people equate bed bugs with an unclean home, room or bed; the truth is that these are parasites. Parasites, like fleas, are quickly spread because of their nature to feed and hide and cling to their hiding place.

The EPA approval of Transport Mikron for wide application from bedding to luggage to electrical switch plates should be a comfort going forward. The application goes on damp and should be allowed to dry completely before the bed is made. Luggage and drawers should be emptied before the application is applied. This product is the first that is approved for nearly every surface that bed bugs can hide in, on or around.

The full instructions are provided on the label for pest management professionals. If you have any evidence of bed bugs you should contact your local pest control in Chandler. Your home will be inspected and nothing done or changed without your approval and instruction.

Your trusted friends in pest control who already offer a free termite inspection are the best contact in the business. The latest techniques for keeping your home and property pest free are available from your licensed pest management professionals.



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