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You might want to consider termite barrier treatment if you are living in an area that us prone to termite infestations, or if your home has a past history of termite infestations. This might be the best way to ensure termites do not enter your house again.

There are various forms of chemical treatment options. They either repel or poison and kill the termites that try to find a way into your home. You should weigh your options when it comes to the various methods and their form of administration. Below you will find a quick outline of various treatment options.

Liquid Barrier Treatment

Liquid treatments can be placed on a variety of surfaces surrounding the home. Some liquid treatments are injected directly into the soil as a means of stopping burrowing termites. Other forms are sprayed on hard surfaces surrounding your home, including brick or cement. The liquids release a fume that is toxic to the termites and thus create an invisible shield that surrounds the house. Though liquid barriers need to be replenished fairly frequently, they simultaneously provide an added benefit of creating a barrier for flying termites as well as burrowing termites.

Termite Bait Treatment

Termite bait is poison granulated form. Termites carry the bait back to their nest as a food source that then kills off the hive. The bait is placed at various locations around the exterior of the home. Generally, the termite bait traps are safe to use around pets and kids. Regardless, caution should be exercised when they are placed around the home.

Soil Treatment

Soil treatments are in liquid or crystal from. They are folded into the soil, either in the dirt or under paved areas, that surrounds the house in order to prevent burrowing termites. Soil treatment is the longest-lasting and most reliable of all termite barriers. Installation usually requires professional assistance. Thought these treatments are able to be placed in the dirt, or under paved areas, the pavement must be drilled into or cut out in order to allow access to the dirt.


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