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Pest Control is changing in 2013, due to new labeling that all Pest Management Professionals must follow. The EPA guidelines that go into effect this year will change the way that many Pest Control companies do business. The stress on targeted pest management techniques is nothing new to Mesa Pest Control agencies. The way that we have done business for years will not really change because we have been using targeted techniques all along.


The stress for targeted pest management techniques is on inspections first, before treatments. Once the entry points for insects and other pests have been detected, then the treatment begins with directive material applications. For many years, the caricature of the “Exterminator” has been of a man in uniform with a canister of insecticide, spraying everywhere he thinks the insects will traffic. That is about to change for those types of professionals. Now, they will have to find evidence of insects or entry points before treating any area on the perimeter of the home. Mesa Pest Control professionals have always worked based on evidence gathered during an inspection, rather than depending on mass spraying techniques.


Perimeter treatments are used to ensure a structure does not become a haven for termites, cockroaches, ants and other Arizona pests. The professionals at Scottsdale Pest Control have been using targeted techniques by offering a free termite inspection to determine the need for perimeter control. The professionals in Arizona have to deal with the sand mixed with soil that does not readily absorb some chemicals. The residual protection that many home owners enjoy in other parts of the country are altered because of the composition of the earth surrounding individual homes.


The EPA has mandated that all pesticides containing pyrethroids must be regulated to the new standards. Non-chemical means or ancillary services, such as baits, traps and organic pest control will be recommended more often. Chemical treatments do not work alone. In addition to setting up a perimeter of protection, the home owners must also fill cracks, crevices and openings around pipes that give pests access to the home. Fixing leaks is a priority in Arizona, as the insects are always interested in sources of moisture.


Mesa Pest Control will offer the same level of service that our customers have enjoyed for over twenty years. Our professionals have always used targeted methods of pest management. We will continue to treat your property as if it was our own; with a careful hand to protect you investment for years to come.


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