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Daimer Steamer for Commercial Pest Control


One of the biggest problems facing the economy today is job losses in the private sector. Restaurants are one of the largest private sector employers and they have borne the brunt of our economic downturn with record losses in the last eight years. Some of the restaurant losses were due to the high rate of unemployment that peaked in 2009 at just over 10%, the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. Further losses were incurred when fuel prices and therefore food prices increased. Restaurants were forced to raise their prices even as fewer Americans could afford to go out to dinner.

One of the added costs of running a commercial kitchen, whether in a restaurant, hospital or school cafeteria, is cleaning and pest control. In our homes we simply clean up after each meal, but a commercial kitchen may be cleaning up after serving hundreds or thousands of meals each shift. The restaurant kitchen is often cleaned three or four times per day if open twenty-four hours and twice or more if open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Health inspectors visit as often as once a month in some states because restaurant cleanliness is a health and safety issue. If there are violations the restaurant is fined and sometimes even closed until the problems are addressed.

While that seems fair enough, it’s difficult to run any business in a flagging economy. In recent years the one thing that has been on the rise is the pest population. When a restaurant pays for pest control, the restaurant suffers if the control fails, not the pest control company. The restaurant business has been taking a major beating due to increased pest population with fines and closures doubling in the last three years. Every restaurant closure costs American jobs. The bottom line is that when pest control fails, the restaurants fail, and so does the economy.

Daimer has taken on the task of making pest control easier, safer, and more affordable. Their KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS reaches temperatures high enough to eliminate pests and bacteria in about seven minutes. The biggest draw for pests like flies, cockroaches and rodents is not the food, which is constantly cleaned up, but the grease that remains in vents and grease traps even after a thorough cleaning. The main problem with other commercial steamers is that they often do not get hot enough and replacing the boiler assembly is expensive. Daimer’s heating element can be replaced without purchasing a whole new boiler, reducing the cost of repairs.

Pest control in Arizona covers commercial and residential properties for all types of pests, indoors and out. The outside in approach of integrated pest control sets up barriers, baits and traps outside, then removes food, water and shelter sources inside the building. It’s like creating an impregnable fortress against pests. Using steam to eliminate grease is just one of the ways that integrated pest control keeps pests away. Removing the attraction to the commercial kitchen is half of the battle.

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