Pest Control News: Hospital Issues on the Rise



I think the worst thing about any hospital stay is the fear of additional health issues that may arise. I believe that everyone either knows someone or has read about someone who received a secondary infection after being admitted to a hospital. The main concern is usually a staph infection, which is a very serious risk in any hospital stay. It’s not that the hospitals are unclean, it’s that they are so vast and often overpopulated and understaffed.

In Scotland the risk is compounded this year with a 35% rise in pest control services required since 2010. Pest control often involves trapping and chemical usage; in hospitals many people are meant to avoid allergens and often receive oxygen. It should come as no surprise that pest control would pose an additional threat to the health and welfare of the patient. Rodents and insects also pose an additional health risk. It’s the balance between these two, weighed against the cost of pest removal services, which is under debate.

Lothian’s hospitals have declared this a pest emergency having had 540 calls to pest control in the last three years. The problem is that the buildings are in need of about £191 million to bring the 300 buildings up to standards. The hospitals are generally located near wooded areas and the chiefs of staff believe that is part of the problem, but also contend that green space is beneficial to the patients as they recover. The problem is that rodents, ants, bees, wasps and flies are not beneficial, they are dangerous.

Wherever people gather in large numbers there will be pests that seek an easy meal from the extra waste and food garbage. One possibility, in order to solve the problem, might be better waste disposal on site at every hospital. I hate to say “back in the old days” but I do remember when food waste disposal meant actually getting rid of the food, by means of disposal systems and burning, rather than garbage bags, dumpsters and cans. Wherever there are a lot of people and a lot of food consumed, there will be rodents and all of the associated insects. When the hospitals figure out better waste management practices, they will see a reduction in pest activity.

Termite treatment in Glendale is committed to providing integrated pest control services for Arizona residents. Remember to do your part in keeping the pest populations under control. In addition to receiving regular services from a licensed professional; home owners can use a few small tips to avoid pest problems. Make sure your garbage cans have tight fitting lids. If you recycle, don’t put recyclables in open bins because they may attract additional pests. Florida has recently moved from open to closed Recycling containers for this reason. Recycled food containers should be rinsed to avoid attracting ants, cockroaches and rodents. For more recycling tips contact your local waste management division.

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