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If You Can’t Beat Them, Eat Them!

By Ian Simson

The reports of Frankenfish in the Potomac River basin have made headlines for a couple of years now, especially internet headlines. Chefs in Virginia and Maryland have now begun to add the Northern Snakehead to the menu in high end restaurants. The snakehead is a true invasive species and considered a threat to sea life. They have a meaty white flesh and a mild flavor, which makes them perfect for grilling.

The snakehead has spread all the way to Florida and California coasts and will eat anything. Some specimens were noted to have swallowed AA batteries! The fish looks like a hybrid between a rattlesnake, a fish and a reptile; hence the name Frankenfish. The teeth are like a dogs fangs or a piranha. They eat fish, birds and rodents and can live for days out of water, making them dangerous to humans who catch them. Snakeheads have been observed gasping for breath even after they were gutted and had their throats cut. They are very prolific, like other invasive pests, and have no known predator in US waters which means they are literally at the top of the food chain. An adult snakehead could weigh between eight and fifteen pounds and sell for around $5.00 per pound, which could make some money for those daring enough to catch the fish.

Invasive insects and animals gain access to North America via trade and shipping. The snakeheads and a few other invasive creatures have made their way here as pets that were released into the wild. The fabled Alligator in the sewers could really be snakeheads. Americans love to own exotic species, but there are no shelters for exotic pets when the owner can no longer take care of them.

Pest control in Phoenix does not deal with pests of the fish variety; luckily we don’t have snakeheads in Arizona. Pest control management does deal with pests that live on land and invade your home, including invasive pests, endemic pests and poisonous invaders such as rattlesnakes. If you see evidence of rodents, scorpions, snakes or spiders on your property or in your home, don’t try to handle them yourself. Contact a professional to get rid of dangerous and destructive pests.




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