Squirrels Booming:

Not So Cute Now: Fruit Growers Frustrated


Squirrels are by far my favorite neighborhood inhabitant. They’re cute and they’re fast. They build their homes in trees and they seem rather inoffensive. They gather acorns and other nuts that fall from the trees to they keep our yards and walks clear of these possible ankle twisters. I can’t imagine a public park without these innocuous creatures. They have hands which makes them seem almost human and even though they should not be kept as pets, their young are often rescued and raised by humans. I helped to raise one when I was a kid and one as an adult. These were gently integrated back into nature and released once they were old enough to fend for themselves.

In Vermont, according to the Associated Press, these adorable little self-sufficient furry friends are over populating due to the mild winter and warm summer that has been the crux of this whole year’s pest population explosion. Virtually every region of the continental United States and most of the world has been reporting pests increasing in numbers. The trees in Vermont are in trouble because the squirrels will eat the fruit once the nuts are gone and they have already decimated that harvest this year.

Another concern in Vermont is the number of squirrels on the roadways. They dart in and out of traffic and are a hazard. Most people will swerve to miss a squirrel, even a dead one. I know that I would, it’s an instinct. I worked for a few years as a driver for a commercial company and I’ll tell you that it’s in the manual. You will NOT  swerve for small animals.  You can pull over to the side of the road and try to direct traffic, but if they dart out in front of your vehicle and you cannot safely stop, you are supposed to keep going.

I don’t know what pest control professionals should do about squirrels. I’m personally thankful that I don’t have to make that decision. I realize they’re wild animals, so are raccoon  but they have little hands. I can’t kill anything with hands. I leave it to nature to control the population of our little handed friends, because when I see them pick up their food I see children of the earth, not pests. The pest control options mentioned in the AP article are trapping and baiting as ways to administer birth control.

For the record I know that rabies is often a concern but I’ve not yet found a report of rabid squirrels attacking homeowners. If I do find one I will follow up with that here. Your pest control services here in Arizona can tell you how to deal with any pests on your property, in your home, or business. The same companies that offer termite treatment in Phoenix can help you keep your yard and home pest free without interfering with the animals you love.


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