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Termidor, a professional termiticide, has been effective in the control and treatment of Arizona’s subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and drywood termites. This product uses an advanced  “undetectable” liquid that termites are not able to see, smell or taste, and thus not able to avoid to control termite colonies and infestations.  Termites come into contact with Termidor and ingest it or carry it back to the colony,  thus inevitably killing the “carrier” termite and the colony.

“Carrier” Termite

When termites interact with Termidor they become “carriers” of the substance who then transfer it to over termites they come into contact with.  Just like a virus, the Termidor then spreads through the rest of the colony – to the worker termites, soldier termites, and royalty termites. This “Transfer Effect” is one reason why the treatment is so effective in controlling termite colonies.

Application of Termidor 

A Termidor professional will apply the liquid Termidor treatment to your house’s foundation walls and exterior perimeter. This will create a “Termidor Zone” where the Termidor binds to the soil.  Termites unknowingly interact with the treatment and become “carriers.” The substance is virtually unscented, so you will not be able to notice it. Still, it’s important to keep children and pets away from it. The Termidor installer will be able to provide you will information on how to keep your family safe.

Termidor Effectiveness 

Termidor is effective in the removal of termites from already infested structures. It has also been proven to be effective in the prevention of future infestations – thus saving you thousands of dollars in damage. It starts working immediately once applied correctly to your home and home’s exterior. In previous trials and uses it has provided 100% control of termites within three months of application.


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