The retirement of Ron Box from Hulett a few days back brought termite and pest control in the news. Of course, no one really follows these news bits, but if you have ever experienced a termite problem in your house, you would probably recognize Ron Box.

Ron had been working in the pest control industry since the 60’s, ultimately purchasing his dad’s company in 1978. However, his services went far beyond mere spraying of insecticides to kill termites in Florida.

More than once he has assumed the role of an educator/lecturer on pest control technology, having degrees both in pest control and entomology. Around the same time, he found himself working as a researcher and trainer at Hulett Environmental Services owned by Tim Hulett.

These were the achievements that helped Ron to achieve fame in the pest control Industry.  An interesting thing to note is that Ron Box sold his dad’s company in 1985, which he purchased himself some years earlier.

It turned out that Ron was planning an early retirement. What ultimately led him back to the industry was the realization that termites are a growing problem all over America. This is where his knowledge and experience paid off.

One of his many notable projects includes the development of a treatment that used liquid nitrogen to kill dry wood termites.

Many people do not pay attention to termite and pest invasions, but the truth is that these insects constitute a great problem in many areas, especially the cities in Arizona like Gilbert. They can eat everything from dry paper to your dining table.

Termite Treatment Gilbert and pest control Gilbert are usually conducted during or after the monsoon season as this is the time when termites Gilbert spring up in abundance. However, the season is not definite and you can encounter termite problem throughout the year in Arizona.

If you have still not faced any such problem in your home, the odds are that you will experience an influx of these creatures anytime soon. This is an unwritten code of life in this state! So act proactively and consult a good termite control Arizona company.

Many people don’t know much about termites, except that their visits are unpleasant. Only termite control Gilbert professionals will be able to conduct the proper termite inspection to determine the effective methods of extermination.

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