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Termite Control Mesa is constantly stressing the need for termite inspections in homes, businesses and public buildings. A High School in Westport, Connecticut recently reported termites falling from the ceiling in their  hallway and were crawling on the tiles. Many people are under the assumption that termites cease their activity in the winter and go into hibernation. The recent report in the Staples High School Newspaper proves differently.


Termites Fall from Ceiling in Media Lab HallwayTermites Fall from Ceiling

Cheyenne Haslett, Web Managing Editor
February 8, 2013
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At approximately 9:10 a.m. this morning students stumbled upon an unusual sight–scores of termites had fallen from a hole in the ceiling and were crawling on the tiles between the Media Lab and the theater hallway bathrooms. According to Custodian Gerard Watt, about 15 minutes after he first vacuumed the termites out approximately 100 more had fallen. Staples is planning on getting an exterminator.

Contributed reporting by Aaron Hendel ’14 and Katie Settos ’15.


Termites remain active all year round, even in the colder northern climates. Termites are ingenious creatures that can keep their nests at a constant temperature within a single degree plus or minus. There aren’t many man-made buildings that can make the same claim. Termites are extremely survival conscious creatures. One of the misconceptions about termites is that they are mindless eaters, but that is simply not the case. Perhaps the instinct for survival is stronger in termites because they work together, but let’s take a look at some uncanny termite facts.


  • Termite workers feed and tend the queen, king and developing siblings as well as the soldiers, non of which can feed themselves.
  • Termites are blind due to generations spent underground; they can only ‘see’ differences in light and shadow.
  • Termites build complex nests that include ventilation, heating and air conditioning, nursery, defense systems, waste management and farming facilities underground.
  • The termite sky scrapers seen in some parts of Africa are really the ventilation stacks for the complex underground community.
  • Termites will move all of the eggs and developing nestlings whenever there is a threat. Weather, attacks from predators, and temperature changes are just a few of the reasons the workers will move the nursery.


In spite of the social hierarchy, the queen does not “issue orders” to her progeny; they all work individually. Each termite has a mind of its own and operates on instinct alone. Since they are blind, the termites base their actions on their other senses. Termite soldiers instinctively bite anything that passes in front of their massive jaws, except for the termites that come to feed them. Imagine having an entire society that was born to protect and serve, not trained to do it. Imagine the nation that could arise out of such internal instincts.


Termite Control Arizona can fill you in on many interesting facts about termite activity in the US and other parts of the world. The main concern is always for the health and safety of your home and family. Termites pose an immediate threat to safety because of the structural damages that are done over time. Hundreds of termites fell from a hole in the ceiling of the Connecticut High School. Termites seen in such numbers can only mean a massive infestation. Concerned citizens should contact their local school board to ensure proper measures are taken to prevent such infestations in Arizona.


Homes, Businesses and Public Buildings such as schools, libraries, churches and City Offices should be inspected for termites annually. Setting up a termite prevention system is crucial for preserving our resources economically. Termite Control Mesa offers a free termite inspection to get homeowners started on the right track. Contact your local office to ask about this and other services such as termite treatments and termite bonding. Protecting your property from termite damage is only a phone call away.


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