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Hurricane Sandy Spurs Electrical Debate



Hurricane Sandy left millions of home owners in the dark, some for ten days or more. In New Jersey there are several municipalities that operate their own grid, separate from the two major companies supplying local power. The areas operating their own grid had power back in as little as forty-eight hours while their neighboring cities waited as long as two weeks. This has caused the neighboring municipalities to weigh in on operating their own grids as well.

One resident pointed out the power lines running between the branches of a termite infested tree. The tree is still standing now, but nothing is being done about the termites and the branches are too close to the power lines as it is. Power companies are responsible for maintaining those lines and it’s dangerous for homeowners to cut the branches themselves. If that tree had fallen there would be further delays in getting power restored, there would have been danger to life and property as well. Municipalities that operate their own grids maintain the lines better than the larger power supply companies.

The problem facing these communities is the cost of setting up their own grid and the taxes involved. The nine areas that operate their own grids are “grandfathered in” and don’t have to pay the higher tax rate. While operating their own grid would ultimately make the power more reliable, the cost would be passed on to the consumers. The mayor says that she is taking the idea under advisement, but first there must be an economic plan that proves it would be worth the investment.

Termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents and even birds can pose a threat to electrical systems and power grids. Insects and rodents can get into electrical infrastructure and build their nests, when they complete a circuit that bypasses the normal one, the lights go out. These animals chew at insulation and can cause short circuits in homes that result in fires, Pest control management is necessary to maintain a safe electrical system. One of the worst problems threatening power grids are “crazy ants” that seem to be attracted to electrical systems. Termite control in Chandler is committed to keeping your home safe. A free termite inspection could be the first step in protecting your home and property from damaging pests.


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