Termite Mound Credit: Aaron Stewart, CSIRO/Fresh Science

This nest sits over a gold deposit and has high concentrations of gold within. Credit: Aaron Stewart, CSIRO/Fresh Science

Termite Control News: The Gold Rush is On

A statement by the President and CEO of Merrex Gold Inc. Gregory Isenor, on December 3rd 2012 claimed that their Termite Mound surveys had met with great success in Siribaya, Mali. Now Australian scientists are looking into a connection between ants and termites, and the gold deposits deep within their soil.

Australia is geologically the oldest land mass on earth; gold deposits are older and more deeply buried. Finding gold in Australia started as easy pickings, just like here in California. The gold that is buried beneath layers of sands and soil has been inaccessible unless a company had money to waste looking for deposits. Now that the tests are done and it has been proven that termites and ants carry gold to their nests, finding deposits will be easier and more cost effective. The old adage of knowing where to dig applies here; you can dig for days if you don’t know where to dig, but if you do, the job can be done with ease.

The reports from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) look good. Aaron Stewart, a research scientist with the CSIRO claims that termites and ants can bring gold up from five meters down; the gold present in the mounds and ant hills will provide a clue as to where the drilling will be done. The ants and termites that mine gold also have a high accumulation of the metal in their systems, which will tell scientists which mounds cover a gold deposit.

As good as all this sounds for Australia, it makes me wonder about termites and ants in the USA. Do they harbor gold and other metals inside of their nests? It may do some good for scientists to examine that issue here. It would be quite amazing to be thankful you have fire ants or termites on the property, because of the gold mine.

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