Termite Inspection:

Like a Dental Appointment for Your Home


I often say that hiring a termite control professional is as unsettling as finding a dentist. This is because we don’t really know what we will be facing under close scrutiny. We always seem to fear the worst and horror stories make us think “I just don’t want to know right now.”

The problem is that not knowing is worse than knowing. No one ever expects their minor toothache to go away, but when it does we all think we’re safe.  I know because it has happened to me. I think “it must have just been something stuck in my gums… maybe it was sinuses…” then one day I find that I should have just gone to the dentist. I actually paid in advance for treatments one year, and I forgot that I had paid. I cancelled my next appointment thinking that I needed the money for something much more important. When I made it back to the dentist for my yearly checkup I found out that I had money in the account and went through with the recommended treatment.

It’s the same way with homeowners who have decided to wait to get a termite inspection. The fear of what the licensed professionals will find is greater than the desire to know for sure. The problem with that theory is the same as the problem of tooth decay. The problem (if there is one) does not go away because we avoid or delay the news.

The options for your home are much like your options at the dentist, you know fill the tooth, cap the tooth, and extract the tooth. For your home it’s repel termites, bait termites and poison termites. The baits are like an alarm, as long as the baits show no activity; no poison needs to be used. Poisons act slowly so that they can be spread to the colony and kill the whole thing off over time. Repellants should only be used if you don’t have termites and even then this is a method that is rarely recommended alone. The safest bet is to let your termite control specialist help you decide.

Termite treatment in Tempe is painless. The three step process begins with prevention of the problem to begin with. Prevention begins with an annual termite inspection, followed by your personalized plan. It’s the same as going to the dentist and if you schedule both your annual dental checkup and your annual termite inspection for the same week, you get it all out of the way at once and get fifty-one stress free weeks in between.



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