Termite News: Florida Fighting a Formidable Foe

Tree Termite

Floridians in Broward County may not sleep well for a while as a once beaten termite species is back again with a vengeance. The Nasutitermes costalis or Tree Termites come from the Caribbean and are such a bad threat that the Florida Department of Agriculture is encouraging people to call for a free treatment if they find the creatures on or near their property.

Tree termites do not respond to traditional methods of treatment and control because they do not nest in the ground but build their nests in trees and homes. These voracious insects were first documented in Florida in 2001 and were believed to have been completely eradicated ten years ago. The new infestation covers a mile of Dania Beach. The insects have taken over the Fishing Hall of Fame, which is ironic as it is believed that they stow away on boats to reach Florida; some may have come in pallets used to transport goods between ports, as invasive insects often do.

This infestation could create a new medium for the many manufacturers of termite, fire and mold resistant building materials and coatings. Wooden pallets are often constructed of cheap materials because the more expensive materials would never be returned. Sod companies in Florida often charge a $5.00 deposit on pallets that is refunded if the pallets are returned. Using better materials might increase the cost and deposit on pallets. Weighing that against the cost of invasive pests such as the tree termite, the cost would definitely pay for itself.

Tree Termite Nest

Floridians are warned to be on the lookout for these invasive termites and to watch for swarms in the spring and early summer months. A single tree termite nest can produce thousands of reproductive in a single season, which would mean the potential to produce thousands more nests. A single nest would grow to the size of a basketball in a couple of months and have a population greater than Fort Lauderdale, according to the experts.

Termites in Arizona do not present the same problems as the tree termites. Arizona termites come in several varieties that must be determined before treatment. Subterranean termites are controlled with ground treatments while Drywood and Damp wood termites require specialized applications of termiticides. The first step in protecting any home from termite damage is a free termite inspection. The pest management professional who inspects the home also determines the best course of protection.


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