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Hurricane Sandy may Increase Pest Problems



Hurricane Sandy will live on in the memories of the American people for many years to come, like all super storms. The victims of the storm will rebuild their homes and their lives but the effects of the storm will be seen for many years to come. The National Pest Management Association has had time to assess the areas affected and has made their predictions for the future based on data from past storms.

When the debris is cleared away there will be displaced populations of insects and rodents that may come into closer contact with people. When homes are destroyed the people who lived there are not the only ones that have been displaced. Termites, cockroaches, flies, fleas, bed bugs and rodents may have been living on or around the home undetected. Pest control measures such as ground barriers are washed away by the flood waters.

Flies and other insects breed in the damaged food that is no longer refrigerated or packaged. During the length of time that sewage and trash remains untreated these pests will increase in numbers. Rodents that once hid in subways and basements have lost their homes as well, and since they can swim they will have found higher ground. The storm raged through eight eastern states and while New Jersey bore the brunt of the damage, the other states will be affected by increased pest populations as well.

There are three things needed for the pest populations to thrive and grow, the first is water which is available in abundance. The second is food which is supplied when waste products are not properly disposed of; whenever there are power outages waste management also fails. The third is shelter which these displaced pests will seek to carry them through the winter. The homes that were miraculously spared the storm damage are now potential targets for all of the pests that survived the storm.

The final problem in this equation is the disease that is spread when humans and pests come in close contact. Rodents, cockroaches, flies and other pests carry diseases that can make humans sick, which will increase medical problems in the coming years. Anyone whose home was spared damage should make an appointment with their local pest management company to verify that protections are still in place. Those who have not sought professional pest management in the past should consider it now. Pests seem to survive natural disasters and even thrive in their wake.

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