Termite Terror: Don’t Panic Just Yet


The fear of insects, especially “ugly” insects is prevalent in all residents of North America. In most other countries this fear seems ridiculous. People are afraid of bees and wasps because they sting; okay that’s a normal fear, especially if you’ve ever been stung, or if you’re allergic. People are afraid of spiders because they’ve seen movies and heard stories about the damage a spider bite can cause, even though there are only a few species of spider that is really harmful to humans. Most of the truly dangerous spiders don’t even live in the United States.

Some people fear cockroaches and mosquitoes because of the possibility that these insects carry disease. In the Southern states people are afraid of fire ants because these insects bite and cause a blister that really hurts. People fear flea and tick problems because of what they do to our pets and the fear of Lyme disease. These are all very reasonable fears.

In spite of all these phobias that are based on experience there is one insect that strikes terror into the hearts of men and women alike is a creature they may never even have seen except in pictures. Termites are seen as indiscriminate terrorists invading our homes and wreaking havoc on our structural supports. Older houses are especially at risk, so people go online every day to ask questions about these tiny insects before deciding to purchase a home.

What many people don’t know is that most states require a termite bond in order for the house to be sold in the first place. What this involves is a termite inspection and often the house will be fumigated before it’s sold anyway.

There is nothing to fear if you take the precautions necessary to prevent termite infestation. It all starts with a free inspection from Termite Control Tempe in Arizona. All of the information that is available on termite control points to prevention first. If there are termites you still have little to fear from insects in Mesa. Termite Control Arizona has got you covered.


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