Termites in Arizona: Dark Western Drywood Termite


Arizona is home to the Dark Western Drywood Termite. These termites are very different from other termites and they are the most destructive of all the Drywood termites in the United States.

These termites are often found in attics because they need to find a crack in the stucco or wood to be able to start tunneling. The swarming Dark Western Drywood Termite will generally have an orange brown head with a darker abdomen. Termite Control Arizona has a qualified termite control staff that can easily identify these small creatures.

Drywood termites lose their wings before they start tunneling and since the wings are often a sign, you may not know they’ve invaded because of their point of entry. Normal swarming termites drop their wings around window sills. The Drywood termite pair will immediately start eating until they have made a tunnel and created a home for their offspring.

These termites never build mud tubes which is one of the first signs of termite activity in subterranean termites. Drywood termites get all of the moisture they require from the wood. The interesting thing about these colonies is the system of creating their colony. The king and queen continue to procreate as the queen increases her egg lying potential. They do no work accept the care and feeding of their offspring. Once the first hatchlings molt twice they will become workers and are responsible for the care of their parents and the new hatchlings. Some will mature into soldiers to defend the colony and the rest will care for the colony and its queen until she dies.

Drywood termites leave kick holes in the wood and discard the waste from the colony by kicking it out of the colony. This wood dust is usually the only indication there is a colony until the damage is very far gone. Unlike Subterranean termites, Drywood termites eat both the tender spring wood and the harder denser winter wood.

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