Termites are active 24-seven and almost year round. Their “busy” season ranges from from January through April as the result of rain loosening up soil. And they slow down round May and June as the ground gets harder. Monsoon season – August through November is their peak season.

$3-4 Billion

Because termites work year ’round – they can cause $3-4 billion in damage and control, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Since termites are always working, you need to arm yourself against them. That’s why it’s suggested that twice a year you tour your home inside and out. And make sure you bring along a flashlight – so you can get a closer look at the tiny, hidden places termites like to burrow into. You’ll use your flashlight to zero in on tops of walls, particularly walls in the corners of the room. Also remember to check out the closets. You’ll want to look for suspicious bubbles in paint, as well as mud tubes (usually thinner than a pencil). These tubes are usually pale yellow or tan in color.  If you split one of these tubes open, you might be able to see termite nymphs – they resemble whitish ants.

Termite Damage

Termite damage will most likely be seen on the concrete stem wall of your home – this is that small section near the bottom of exterior walls where the stucco or siding ends. Most likely, if you have termites, you will find mud tubes that crawl up the concert towards the wooden structural supports of your home.

Don’t Panic

Don’t panic if you find any troublesome signs. A termite control specialist will be able to asses your home and any damage that has been done, and be able to determine next steps. Even if termites are not found, they will be able to prescribe a treatment that helps keep your home safe from future termite infestations – helping to ensure you sleep soundly, year ’round.


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