The Importance of Home Inspections:

Before and After Purchase


There are many blogs on the subject of getting a home inspection before making your home purchase and I can’t stress the need more. There are two schools of thought on this, however. Laws vary from state to state as far as prior damages are concerned so let’s call this one a “Buyer Beware Alert.”

A friend of mine is currently “homeless” in that he is living in an abandoned office building at present while his home undergoes lengthy and costly repairs. He bought his home at the end of last year and within months of moving in became very ill. It turned out that he had been exposed to black mold and he was told that he could not return to his home.

My friend contacted the state regarding the black mold and found out that the previous owner was not liable because the state protects the seller, not the buyer. The black mold should have been detected by the home inspection, but it wasn’t. This is not uncommon, but there’s no recourse against the inspector either.

Many people recommend asking your realtor to give you the names of home inspectors. Others say that those inspectors may hide something in order to convince you to buy the home, so the realtor can make money. Others say that choosing outside of that group may produce an inspection geared towards steering you away from your purchase and perhaps to a different realtor. My recommendation is to go online and check for local inspectors then check their Better Business Bureau rating. Once you have a good list you can check with your realtor and compare their list to yours. Read the inspector’s client recommendations as well so that you can have faith in your inspection.

Once you have purchased your home you can still get a free termite inspection for your own peace of mind. It’s recommended that a termite bond be a part of your home purchase. If it wasn’t bonded or the bond was not maintained after your purchase, it’s important to get this done now, before the next swarming season in the spring. The first termite inspection in Arizona is free so there is no cost to get started on your plan of home protection today.




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