‘Tis the Season: Long Beach Receives a Holiday Gift: Pest Control


In the wake of the storm of the century, Hurricane Sandy, Long Beach residents who were devastated by the flooding will also have to face rodents and vermin. According to the November 28th announcement by Nassau County legislator Kevan Abrahams, Knockout Pest Control has offered their services to those residents affected by the storm. Pledging to perform free services is a fantastic gesture of good will and community service but this company is going above and beyond the free services. They will take these service calls for 90 days and perform the service for free, up to $100,000.

“I’m very grateful to Arthur Katz [president of Knockout] to step up in this time of need and help people in Long Beach recover and get back on their feet,” Abrahams said.

Many people don’t realize that when disaster strikes, the pests survive and some even thrive. The power outages cause large quantities of food to spoil. The spoiled food is discarded, but waste management is always delayed after a disaster. That food and the debris from the structures that were decimated make a perfect home for the vermin and rodents displaced by the storm. When the waste is picked up, the vermin scatters and seeks new housing. As winter approaches, the displaced pests will look for a safer place to spend the colder months. That means the homes that have already experienced damage from the flooding that are uninhabitable, as well as those that only need minor repairs. Residents of Long Beach and the North East Coastal states will be fighting the resultant pest migrations and “baby booms” for months and possibly years.

In every case, when there has been a disaster, the following years showed a major increase in pest populations and activity. The insects, rodents and other vermin seem to go into breeding overdrive as if to replenish their lost numbers. The reality is that there is an abundance of water and food; when food and water are in short supply, the pests breed less often.

Termite treatments in Chandler work to combat the increased breeding that follows the monsoon season and mild weather. Home owners are encouraged to take advantage of the free termite inspection to help control pest populations in Arizona. If everyone does their part, we can all look forward to a safer healthier future.


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