Trees Threatened by Invasive Pests:

New England



Forests in New England are the latest victims of invasive pests that have gotten out of control. Invasive pests are transported from one country or continent to another. The mode of transportation is usually in the wood of crates or pallets that exhibit no signs of carrying the eggs or larvae because these are inside the wood. Boring insects may deposit eggs in one environment and the eggs can be dormant for months before hatching. Once the crates or pallets have left their native climate and come into ours, the eggs hatch and the larvae eat their way out of the wood.

Many of the pests that have gotten out of control actually made their way here in the 80’s or earlier. Shipping controls are in place now to keep new pests at a minimum. We are left with uncontrolled populations of beetles, stinkbugs, termites, ants, bees and a host of others. In their home they would have likely been controlled by natural predators and weather conditions. Here it is either not cold enough or hot enough to control the population, and their natural predators can’t survive here. Biological scientists have tried, without success, to control the pests. According to the ecologists one infestation may only require the removal of a half a dozen trees while another would require tens of thousands of trees to be taken down.

The problem is addressed now at the receiving point where shipments can be quarantined, but the various creatures already in New England pose a threat to increasing species of trees, plants and fungi that local birds and animals need for survival. According to the ecologists, pest control services that will work in your back yard cannot be applied in the forest setting.

To do your part in saving the trees in your area you should have a pest protection system in place for your home and property. You can start out with a free termite inspection in Gilbert and then go from there. The professionals in your area can help you devise a plan to protect your environment while you protect your home.



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