If you live in a termite prone area, it is very important that you ensure that your home is safe from potential attack. Check with your local termite control Glendale about what you can do. Among the most effective steps you can take to protect your home are:

1.   Ensure That Moisture Is Eliminated

As the local termite control Mesa will explain to you, this is a very important step for termites thrive on humidity and attracted to places that are warm and humid. By eliminating the sources that cause moisture in your home and around it, you ensure that the termites would not be tempted to make your house theirs. You can eliminate moisture by:

–      repairing leaking faucets;

–      ensuring that no water is directed around the foundation of the house;

–      remove all plant cover from wood works and over the walls of the house;

–      seal correctly all the points where utility pipes and drains enter or exit the house;

–      ensure that there is no water accumulation on the roof;

–      check all vents periodically and ensure that there is water leakage or moisture build up there.

2.   Ensure That Food Sources Are Eliminated

Each one of the four broad categories of the 25,000 special of termites have their own style of living. How would you know about what food sources for termites? According to termite control Mesa – the primary food source is wood, though termites are known to consume paper and cloth as well. You will need to ensure that the insects are not attracted to your home by food. Take the following immediate precautions:

–      ensure that the wood of your home is not in direct contact with the soil;

–      bar entry of termites by putting screens on every vent you have in the house;

–      check the vicinity of your house and get rid of any wood that is just lying around;

–      if you use firewood or lumber, keep it away from your home;

–      keep a close eye on your fences for initial signs at termite attack.

 3.   Be Watchful For Signs Of Infestation

The local termite control Mesa point out at the following signs that point at termite infestation:

–      the paint is bubbling or cracked;

–      there are long tubes of mud on wooden beams outside or inside you home;

–      you find swarms of winged ants around your home (as termite control Mesa will explain, most often people mistake winged termites with winged ants)

–      places of wood in and around your home give a hollow sound when tapped;

–      you find many wings that are discarded by seemingly winged ants anywhere inside or in the vicinity of your home.

 4.   Regular Inspection Of The House

In spite of taking all precautions, in case you are living in a termite prone area, there are chances that these pesky insects manage to get entry into your home and cause ravage. To be 100% sure that you do not fall prey to a termite attack, call your local termite control Mesa for an inspection every year.