There are some basic things a termite needs to survive  – water, cellulose found in wood, and shelter. Since you’re house provides all of these things, you’ll need to know what to do to protect it from a termite infestation.


Cellulose is found in dead wood, and it’s what termites need to consume in order to stay alive, as they absorb its nutrients and moisture. They will look elsewhere for nutrition when cellulose is not abundant and, unfortunately, they can survive solely on water. But usually – they’re hunting for cellulose because it provides the most nutrients.

Any Type of Wood

Termites eat any type of wood, as long as it’s dead. Unfortunately, most homes have plenty of dead wood. Stumps, mulch, and other debris around your home are also perfect meals for termites. You’ll want to clear the area surrounding your house to ensure termites don’t munch through that and start munching through your home.

How to Build Your Home

Unprotected wood that is used outdoors for decks or landscaping can be damaged by termites. So to increase the longevity of this wood you might want to look into using various pressure-treated woods, or naturally resistant woods, as well as composite materials constructed of wood and plastic.

Pressure-treated lumber is highly resistant to insects. This lumber has been treated with a series of pressure and vacuum cycles during which wood preservative is forced deep into the pores of the wood. What results is a wood that has a chemical barrier against termites. Since most termite infestations are the result of a wood-soil contact, the use of treated lumber can help prevent damage to porches, decks and any other wood that is in contact with the soil.

There are some naturally resistant woods, such as redwood, cypress and cedar. These woods are not long-lasting as treated lumber. 

Working with a termite professional will be able to help ensure the safety of your already built home, or the home you are building.


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