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While termites are a constant threat to your house, there are steps you can take to protect your home.


Remove Possible  Termite Food Sources

You’ll want to ask yourself if you are creating a food source for termites. And if you are you’ll want to eliminate those. These food sources include any firewood or lumber, stumps or debris near your house. Essentially the wood on your home should not contact the soil because termites are able to create housing “mounds” that allow them to have easy and close access to food sources. If you do have areas where the wood of your house contacts the soil, such as wooden fences or decks, you should check these often for any signs of termite damage.


Here are some tips to eliminate moisture problems:

–       Repair and seal any leaky faucets and water pipes. Also check your A/C unit

–       Divert any water that might be seeping down to your foundation

–       Maintain gutters and downspouts and keep all vents open

–       Landscape to remove excessive plant cover and wood mulch

–       Make sure there is no standing water on your roof


Termite Warning Signs to Look for

There are some indications you should keep your eyes open for. Swarms of winged insects that are in your home, or that you see in the soil around your home might indicate an infestation. Discarded wings or frass (termite droppings) indicate that termites are living somewhere close. Termites can cause cracked or bubbled paint. Wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it can indicate that drywood termites have set up a home. And lastly, you should keep your eyes out for mud tubes that appear on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in any crawl spaces.


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