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Sleep is a crucial component in how human’s live. Without sleep, we wouldn’t be able to re-charge and re-build for the next day. Knowing just how important sleep is to us, makes it all the more curious that termites do not require sleep. In fact, termites work 24/7 to constantly maintain the colony.

Working ’round the Clock

There are a lot of jobs to be done in a termite colony – tunnels need to be maintained, food sources need to be found, the queen needs to be nourished so she can produce eggs. In addition to these things, the colony also needs to be defended, and new colonies need to be established. All the termites in the colony play a vital role in getting these things done.

Termite Roles

Because there are so many tasks to be accomplished within the termite day, the colony has to be divided into castes. Within the castes, each termite knows exactly what it needs to do. And it not only knows what it needs to do, it’s also grown into the type of termite – with the correct physiological structure necessary to perform it’s caste’s function.

Termite Castes

Soldier termites have large mandibles so they can attack predators like ants. Reproductive and swarming termites have wings so that they can fly away from the colony to build their own colonies. Worker termites evolve so that they are able to help the queen termite, but also help the soldier termites eat (since their mandibles are too large to allow them to do so without help). The fact that a termite colony is divided into castes ensure the safety of the colony, through allowing each caste to focus on their specific task.

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