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Termites have earned the nickname of “silent destroyer” from their ability to destroy a home without giving any warning signs. And though it might seem that “destruction” is “destruction,” it actually matters what kind of destruction your termites have caused. Identifying this can help you, and a pest control specialist, determine what species of termite you have, and thus, what type of treatment you need.

What are Your Termite Damage Signs?

Subterranean Termites make their homes underground, as their name suggests. Because of this they build their colonies next to your foundation and then burrow up through cracks and areas that allow them to get through to the wood structure of your home. You’ll know their destruction by the distinctive honeycomb pattern they create as they burrow through wood. They form tunnels within softer spring-wood, leaving the external grain intact.

Dampwood Termites make their homes in damp and decaying timber, hence the name “dampwood.” This species eats across the grain of the wood, leaving behind smooth, “sandpapered” chambers and galleries.

Drywood Termites burrow deeply into wood and carve out sections of it. You’ll be able to tell you have a dry wood infestation if you notice the appearance of fecal pallets called frass. As they burrow through the wood in your home they create tunnels, and leave behind the remains – frass.

Termite Inspector

A termite inspector will asses your home’s damage – looking for any and all of the warning signs listed above. A termite inspector will also be well versed in the species of termite that is most common to your region. The subterranean and dry wood species are common termites to the Arizona region because of its arid and humid climate. Dampwood termites are drawn to damp wood, and thus are usually found on the east coast.


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