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Reporting Mesa Termite News involves seeing articles that break my heart. Homeowners hire a pest control company to do a termite treatment and learn the treatment was unsuccessful. Upon examination, if the problem is negligence, then the Pest Control Company faces a lawsuit. It happens far too frequently and these lawsuits give other pest management professionals a bad name.


Louisiana has a huge problem with Formosan termites. While the Formosan Termite is classified as a subterranean termite, they act differently, actually building nests in trees and homes. While other termites spend most of their time underground and in the mud tubes built for travel; Formosan termites spend the bulk of their time building super colonies. One Louisiana family learned that the termite treatment on their home was not done properly which resulted in massive damages.


Pest control company sued by homeowner’s for allegedly failed termite treatment – The Louisiana Record February 23rd, 2013:

The defendant is accused of failing to properly treat the home, failing to see the expansion crack, failing to properly treat the steps leading to the home, failing to properly treat the ground under the steps leading to the home for termites, failing to properly train employees, failing to properly inspect the home and failing to see what should have been seen.


In addition to these problems, the homeowners require repair and the added expense of hiring another contractor for a larger problem. In order to protect yourself, please follow these steps before hiring a pest control company.

  1. Go along with the Termite Inspector to verify that all locations are checked and documented.
  2. Get a second and even third opinion and estimate. Most companies offer a Free Termite Inspection
  3. Check the companies license and look for complaints; call or go to The Better Business Bureau on line.
  4. Ask friends and neighbors what pest control company they use and trust.
  5. Ask questions before the termite treatment is done regarding experience, licensing, insurance and expertise.
  6. Get References!


I cannot stress getting references enough! Make sure to follow up and make sure the references are real. Tempe Termite control is done by licensed professionals, but other companies have hired people with no prior experience. A pest management company may be 20 years old and yet have untrained, unskilled workers. Be sure to ask for credentials. Do not let an unlicensed pest management team spread chemicals on your property. The EPA has very strict guidelines in that regard.


If you have questions or concerns, or if you are unsure of your termite protection, please contact Mesa Termite professionals for a free termite inspection. Take a few moments out of your life to give you the added peace of mind.


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